Before your organization can improve, it must form a stable base. Creating a stable environment that sets the stage for improvement requires four main areas of focus: Inventory, Heijunka (Leveling), Standard Work, and Value Stream Mapping. A solid grasp of the concepts in the Stability series enables you to build a strong and lasting House of Lean.

Inventory Series

Discusses the complexity of managing inventory: Cut inventory too low and customers begin to experience stock outs; if too much inventory is kept on hand, however, then valuable... >>

Standard Work Series

Standard Work
Discusses how standards form the base for improvement and the House of Lean. Describes the components of standards: Standard Parts, Standard Product... >>

Heijunka Series

Explains a fundamental issue in Heijunka (Leveling): a) In a perfect world, customers would take only what is needed, exactly when needed, and in the exact amount needed... >>

Value Stream Mapping Series

Value Stream Mapping
Explains that many organizations blindly apply Lean “tools” but lack vision. They implement the mechanics of Lean well—Kanban flow as intended, aisles are orderly, and machine... >>
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