Lean Basics

This section provides the fundamentals of Lean philosophy, an understanding of which is vital for anyone new to Lean. It comprises four main lessons: History, Waste, Value, and Simulation. Since these lessons are often referenced by subsequent lessons, we recommend that you watch this entire section before proceeding to other sections.

History Series

Follows the historical flow leading to the development of what we know as Lean today. Describes the contributions of Adam Smith, Eli Whitney, Frederick Taylor, Henry Ford... >>

Waste Series

Explains two fundamentals of Waste: 1) The concept of Waste often being disguised as useful work. 2) The idea that if you understand the 7 deadly wastes as defined by Taiichi Ohno... >>

Value Series

Discusses how manufacturers and service providers often assume they know what the customer considers to be valuable. Demonstrates, however, that without a... >>

Lean Simulation Series

Lean Simulation
Explains how interactive learning—simulations and classroom activities—break up the monotony of training, promote better knowledge retention, and can be modified to teach a wide array ... >>
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