Just in Time is providing customers What is wanted, When it is wanted, and in the Exact Amount wanted. This section consists of four main areas of focus: Cycle Time, Takt Time, Pull, and Cells. Increasingly, customers demand their products in shorter and shorter timeframes. The essence of Just in Time is understanding how to meet customers’ time and quantity expectations.

Cycle Time Series

Cycle Time
Defines Cycle Time, which is how often an organization produces an item. Also defines Lead Time, which is how long it takes to fulfill an order. Explains that while those two... >>

Takt Time Series

Takt Time
Defines Takt Time, the smooth and predictable cadence by which products taken by a customer are replenished. Explains that, ideally, the entire production line and all supporting... >>

Pull Series

Pull Series
Contrasts Pull (working in reaction to customer demand) with Push (working in anticipation of customer demand). Explains differences between Supermarket, FIFO, and Hybrid... >>

Cells Series

Cell Series
Introduces the concept of continuous flow. Defines the various types of cells. Provides pros and cons of each type of cell. Provides simple instructions for creating a work cell. Gives insight into why... >>
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