About Us

Simplex Improvement is a consulting group dedicated to providing your organization excellent Lean education and execution. When Aaron Kim and Amanda Needham began working on Simplex Improvement.com in 2007, it was with a simple goal in mind: to create the first free comprehensive video-based website on the internet. The response from the Lean community and the general public has been amazing.

We recommend that before you begin working with a Simplex Improvement Consultant, you take the time to watch these videos and pick up a working knowledge of Lean on your own. This establishes a common language between our organizations, which—like any language—provides the guidelines, expectations, and vocabulary necessary for effective communication. Perhaps more importantly, it allows us to begin Kaizen–specific training immediately, without having to spend time on the basics. After all, the true value of any Lean consulting group is time spent actually implementing solutions, not time spent teaching in a classroom.