Welcome to Simplex Improvement

Simplex Improvement is a consulting group dedicated to providing your organization excellent Lean education and execution. The purpose of our site is to provide you with a working knowledge of the Toyota Production System, commonly known as Lean.

A portion of our Lean education is offered free via video-based lessons on this site. If you are new here, please view the How to Navigate the Site video for tips on how to get started.

Lean Education

Lean TPS Education Kanban Example

Lean TPS Education Spagehetti and Meatball Diagrams
Obtaining a basic working knowledge of Lean is the key to gaining faster results. The true value add of any Lean consulting group is the time spent actually implementing in the targeted area – not time spent in the classroom. We value your time. Taking the time to watch these videos creates:
  • A common language between our organizations
  • Guidelines for implementation
  • A shared vocabulary for effective communication
  • The ability to begin Kaizen-specific training sooner
  • More time for Value Added changes on the shop floor

All video based lessons are designed to break down the Lean into concise segments that any user can understand. The site also contains a detailed glossary that serves as a quick reference to explain concepts or vocabulary that may be foreign to you. Our glossary is complimented by a Lean pronunciation guide performed by a native Japanese speaker.

Consulting Services

Lean TPS Education Heijunka Board

Lean TPS Education Value Stream Map

Lean TPS Education Airplane Simulation
We are currently successfully implementing Lean in manufacturing and healthcare organizations. For more information on our consulting services please Contact Us.

The services we provide include but are not limited to:
  • Value Stream identification and implementation
  • Lean training and certification
  • Standard Work implementation for shop floor and office environments
  • Kanban implementation for internal and external customers
  • Setup Reduction for both manufacturing and healthcare environments
  • Total Productive Maintenance production and healthcare equipment
  • 5S implementation for shop floor and office environments
  • Statistical Analysis and Design of Experiments

Our clients are experiencing breakthrough results that include:
  • 87% Reduction in order processing lead time
  • 80% Reduction in machine setup time
  • 79% Reduction in cycle time
  • 53% Reduction in scrap
  • 14 Million dollars in additional capacity opened
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